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Title:Appreciative Inquiry - The Alternative To Problem Solving
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Product Type:Regional Networks
Product Group:N Wales Network

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Course Outline
Appreciative Inquiry – the alternative to “problem-solving”
Speaker: Barbara Chidgey, Learning Pathways
Venue: OpTic Technium, Glyndwr University, St Asaph LL17 0JD

18:00 Registration & Refreshments
18:30 Presentation Begins
19:30 Break
19:40 Presentation Resumes
20:30 Close

Culturally we tend to look for problems that we need to solve and to do surveys and performance reviews to assess what is wrong with an employee, a team or an organisation and then de-motivate by zooming in on the problems.
However individuals, teams, projects and organisations all have strengths and a really effective way of motivating everyone to move forward performance, develop a positive culture and to contribute to organisational development is to look at what is going well and is successful, articulate clearly why that team or project etc is so successful and then learn from that to apply to other areas of the organisation or business.
This workshop will outline the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and will provide some examples of how to apply the basic principles. It will involve active discussion and participation from the delegates.
Just one quote from David Cooperider et al below gives clarity to the fact that it is all about building the human capital within an organisation in a constructive and motivating manner.
“AI is an exciting way to embrace organisational change. Its assumption is simple: Every organisation has something that works right – things that give it life when it is most alive, effective, successful, and connected in healthy ways to its stakeholders and communities. AI begins by identifying what is positive and connecting to it in ways that heighten energy and vision for change.” “…AI recognizes that every organisation is an open system that depends on its human capital to bring its vision and purpose to life.” “… The outcome of an AI initiative is a long-term positive change in the organisation.” “… AI is important because it works to bring the whole organisation together to build upon its positive core. AI encourages people to work together to promote a better understanding of the human system, the heartbeat of the organisation.”
Cooperrider, David L; Whitney, Diana; and Stavros, Jacqueline M., Appreciative Inquiry Handbook: The First in a Series of AI Workbooks for Leaders of Change, Lakeshore Communications, 2003, Pages XVII – XIX

Barbara, Learning Pathways Cymru Ltd, has an Ashridge Business School Masters Degree in Executive Coaching, and works with individuals and teams to assist them to develop their leadership skills and behaviours in the context of the workplace. She utilises a variety of different conversational techniques i.e. coaching, facilitation, Action Learning Set facilitation, presentations etc. She firmly believes that for leaders one of the most important things they do is to have conversations with others, since it is within conversations that others can express their views, debate issues, become really engaged with the bigger picture and hence real change happens. However leaders also need to be aware and skilled at holding the right kind of conversation at the right time with the right people – so providing that insight and understanding and skills to do this is a critical element of the leadership work Barbara does with others.
Barbara is also the Executive Chair of the Leading Wales Awards of which ACCA Cymru Wales are one of the Consortium Partners.



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