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Title:Confidence Accounting
Product Type:Employment Based Networks
Product Group:Financial Services

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 Event Outline
Course Outline
Time: 16:00 – 18:00

Subject: Confidence Accounting

Venue: London, ACCA Headquarters

Topic overview:

Confidence Accounting is a proposal to use distributions, rather than discrete values, where appropriate in auditing and accounting. In a world of Confidence Accounting, the end results of audits would be presentations of distributions for major entries in the profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements. The proposed benefits of Confidence Accounting include a fairer representation of financial results, reduced footnotes, more measurable audit quality and a mitigation of mark-to-market perturbations.

The event will aim to look into the applications for confidence accounting in financial services and beyond as well as discuss its costs and benefits.

CPD Units: 2



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