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Title:Improving Motivation Through Inspirational Leadership
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Improving Motivation through Inspirational Leadership
Speaker: Barbara Chidgey, Learning Pathways Cymru
Oriel House Hotel, St Asaph LL17 0LW
Tuesday 17 September 2013

Joint event with CMI

18:00 Registration & Refreshments
18:30 Presentation Begins
20:30 Close

Inspirational leadership that motivates and engages – what is it?

Barbara Chidgey, Executive Chair of the Leading Wales Awards and an Ashridge Business School accredited coach will facilitate this event which aims to explore:

• How those with a leadership role behave in a way which inspires and engages their team and / or employees or stakeholders
• What exactly is it that those inspirational leaders do?
• Has the recession created too much management and is there less leadership?
• Is there a right balance of management and leadership?
• Does it actually matter?

Barbara facilitated a series of Leadership Cafes across Wales linked into the 2013 Leading Wales Awards nominations’ drive. In one of those Cafes, which was with those from the private sector there was a heartfelt plea made by one participant that “If there was ever a time we need inspirational leadership, then that time is now!” In that Cafe Conversation, the consensus emerged that the reality is during the last 5 years we have witnessed previously inspirational leaders, who prior to 2008 had enabled and motivated their team and their stakeholders, move away from being leaders and move into a focus on managing and being more directive, more autocratic. It was suggested that this emphasis on management and in managing has altered the “tone” of businesses and organisations into places where failure is less tolerated, anxiety about doing the wrong thing (and anxiety about the possible consequences of doing the wrong thing) are prevalent and are detrimentally changing behaviour and lowering morale and motivation.
As well as highlighting some learning and case studies from the Awards, Barbara will also facilitate an interactive debate about this critical issue.
Barbara has an Ashridge Business School Masters Degree in Executive Coaching, and works with individuals and teams to assist them to develop their leadership skills and behaviours in the context of the workplace. She utilises a variety of different conversational techniques i.e. coaching, facilitation, Action Learning Set facilitation, presentations etc. She firmly believes that for leaders one of the most important things they do is to have conversations with others, since it is within conversations that others can express their views, debate issues, become really engaged with the bigger picture and hence real change happens. However leaders also need to be aware and skilled at holding the right kind of conversation at the right time with the right people – so providing that insight and understanding and skills to do this is a critical element of the leadership work Barbara does with others.

Barbara is also the Executive Chair of the Leading Wales Awards, now entering their 10th year and the only such leadership awards within the whole of the UK. Developed by a consortium of professional institutes, voluntary and public sector bodies as well as private companies, the Awards seek to recognise and celebrate personal achievement in outstanding leadership in Wales. The organisations within the consortium share a passionate and professional belief that outstanding leadership (in all sectors) is the key driver of the growth of the economy of Wales. So their mission is to champion good leadership and influence leadership development by identifying, recognising and celebrating individuals who through their leadership contribute to the prosperity of Wales.

ACCA Cymru Wales are Founder Members of the Leading Wales Awards Consortium



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