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Title:Smarter Spending - The importance of procurement to sustained business growth
Category:MN Meeting
Product Type:Regional Networks
Product Group:Women's Yorkshire MN

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The Yorkshire Women's Network is open to all members BOTH men and women.

The aim of this session is to provide a general overview of procurement and to introduce the concepts of “Smarter Spending” to help the organisation to realise more value from its Supply Chain.
In doing so, we will look at the difference between Procurement and Purchasing and examine some of the common misconceptions relating to Procurement. We will look at how smarter spending can unlock additional value in the organisation, probably quicker than alternative methods of fund raising/revenue generation.
Finally we will introduce some practical hints/tips that you will be able to introduce today which are designed to help you on your journey towards "Smarter Spending".
Target audience: executives / owner managers to highlight the importance that strategic procurement can play in adding value to the bottom line.

Andrew Brackenbury, Expense Reduction Analysts

Andrew Brackenbury is a qualified ACCA accountant and has been with ERA for almost 7 years. Within ERA he works in a business development capacity and has delivered over £4.4m of savings for his clients across a range of business cost categories

6.00pm Registration
6.30pm Start
8.30pm Close

Rose Bowl
City Campus
Leeds Metropolitan University



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