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  1. Q. Can I use my existing login details to log onto the ACCA UK online booking system?
    A. No, this is a new booking system. You will need to register on the ACCA UK online booking system to set up your account.
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  2. Q. If I update my details in myACCA, will my details be updated in the ACCA UK online booking system?
    A. No. You will need to update your details in both myACCA and the ACCA UK online booking system. Equally, if you update your details in the ACCA UK online booking system you will also need to update them in myACCA.
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  3. Q. How do I register on the online booking system?
    A. To register as a new user, please complete the registration form. Fields marked with * are mandatory.

    Please note that the address details you submit will form your primary address. If you leave the ‘Organisation’ field blank, your address will automatically be registered as your ‘Home’ address. If you enter an organisation name in this field then your address will be registered as ‘Work’.  If you are using an organisation address to register, please check if it is already on the system by using the button. If it is not found, type the organisation name in the ‘Organisation’ field. This ensures your organisation is linked to our booking system database. There is a postcode finder to facilitate your address search.
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  4. Q. How do I inform you of my special requirements?
    A. If you have any special requirements, for example, require wheelchair access, please enter this in the special requirement section.
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  5. Q. Can I change my password?
    A. Yes. You can change your password by clicking on the Change My Password icon on the Home page or by accessing the Change My Password page via the My Information tab at the top of the screen. Once you have updated your password an email will be sent to you confirming the change. Return to top of page

  6. Q. How do I edit my details or my address?
    A. Once you have registered, if you would like to edit your details or add an additional address to your account, you can do this by clicking on the ‘My Details’ icon or the ‘My Information’ tab at the top of the screen.

    The address details you submit as part of the registration process will form your primary address. If you have more than one address associated with your profile, you will be asked to select the billing address you wish to use, when you log onto the system.
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  7. Q. How do I search for events?
    A. The Events Catalogue provides details of ACCA UK’s events. It is possible to search by date, topic, town, region, network, sector and the full Professional Courses catalogue. Choose as many criteria as you would like in order to refine your search. Once you have selected your criteria, click on the search button to display the results. To remove part of your search criteria, click on . To start your search again, click the reset button.
    Click on the + button at the side of the event name in order to display dates, location, price and availability. To view further details regarding the content, click on the event title or the event reference to see the outline in full.

    If you would like to continue shopping and you are in the events details page, please click on the continue shopping button. Please note, you should NOT click on the back browser button to continue shopping.
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  1. Q. How do I make a booking?
    A. To book an event, click on the ‘Add to basket’ or ‘Add’ button. The event will be transferred to your shopping basket. To amend the amount of places booked, please click on the shopping basket link at the top right hand corner of the screen: this will display your detailed shopping basket. Type in the quantity of places you require and press the ‘Update’ button. Please note that if you click on the ‘Remove’ button in either My Detailed Shopping Basket or Basket Summary, you will remove all of the bookings for that event.

    Once you have finished selecting your events, proceed to checkout. You can advance to checkout from both the My Detailed Basket and Basket Summary pages.
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  2. Q. I am making a booking on behalf of somebody else. How do I do this?
    A. You must first register yourself as a contact for your organisation (if applicable) on ACCA UK’s online booking system entering the organisation’s name and address in the specified fields. The event/s can then be selected and added to your basket.  Proceed to the Checkout where there is an option to add/remove or edit the delegate/s names.  Please note that you will be booked onto the event initially.  You must enter your colleagues’ details prior to removing yourself from the event if you are not attending.

    Basket Checkout
    If you did not login prior to browsing the events catalogue, you will be taken to the login page. Enter your username and password as indicated and click on the login button.

    The Basket Checkout page details the delegates attached to an event.

    To add a delegate to an event click on ‘Add delegate’. The add delegate page allows you to locate and add an existing person from your organisation as the delegate. If the person you wish to add is not already on the system, you will need to enter their information. To add a new person at your organisation as the delegate, enter their information and click 'Save Person'. To add an unnamed delegate click 'Assign TBA' – you will need to inform us of these delegate details, in writing or by email, at least 48 hours prior to the event.
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  3. Q. There is a discount associated with my booking. How do I claim this?
    A. Discounts are applied at the Order Verification stage. If there is a discount attached to the booking, a discount line detailing the type of discount and the value of the discount will appear. Check the ‘select’ box to apply the discount and wait until the discounted amounts appear in the Order Verification. Do not click on the ‘reset’ button unless you want to reset the booking.

    Order Verification
    This page provides details of the delegates and the events booked.

    If you or any of the delegates you have booked onto an event are already booked on an event on the same day, a warning will appear.
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  4. Q. Do I have to pay for the events at the time of booking online?
    A. Yes, all fee paying events must be paid for at the time of booking.
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  5. Q. How do I pay for my events?
    A. Card transactions are processed by RBS Worldpay on behalf of the Certified Accountants Educational Trust. On completion of the transaction, a transaction confirmation will be forwarded to the email address supplied.
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  6. Q. Do I have to pay VAT on my events?
    A. Yes, with the exception of ACCA Professional Courses events which are run by CAET and are exempt from VAT.
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  7. Q. How will I receive confirmation of my booking?
    A. A confirmation email will be sent to the person who made the booking (the ‘booker’). Where the booker has made a booking on behalf of another person, it is the booker’s responsibility to forward details of the confirmation to the delegate. For paid events, a receipted invoice will be sent to the booker by post.
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  8. Q. When will I receive my joining instructions?
    A. Joining instructions detailing the time and location of the event will be emailed to delegates approximately five working days before the start of an event. If you have not received your joining instructions three days prior to an event, please visit the contact page and contact the relevant office.
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  9. Q. Am I able to amend my booking online?
    A. No. If you are unable to attend the event, you will need to contact the relevant office by email. Please read the terms and conditions section for full details regarding transfers and cancellations. Please note that charges may apply. Please visit our terms and conditions for full details.
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  10. Q. How do I view my orders?
    A. The My Orders section provides a breakdown of the orders we have received from you. To view the booking details associated with each of the orders, please click on the booking ID. Here you will find information relating to the booking including the invoice address, delegate name, event title, the fee paid, together with details of any discounts associated with the booking.
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  11. Q. How do I view the events I have booked?
    A. You can view the forthcoming events which you have booked by clicking on the My Events Schedule icon on the Home page or by accessing the My Events Schedule page via the My Information tab at the top of the screen.
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  12. Q. How do I view my training history?
    A. Press the My Information tab at the top of the screen and go to My Training History. This area allows you to view your booking details for events which have already taken place.
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  13. Q. How do I view my invoices?
    A. Press the My Information tab at the top of the screen and go to My Invoices. Click on the invoice number to display the invoice details including, the invoice address, booking reference, date of booking and events booked.
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  14. Q. What are your terms and conditions?
    A. Please note that all cancellations and transfers must be made in writing via post or email. It is not possible to amend your booking online. Click here to read our full terms and conditions.
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